Intermediate Page

From the serial number you entered, it appears that your instrument is NOT under warranty, but don’t worry we can still help you.¬† However you may not need to send it in for servicing. Please follow the steps below before progressing to the step at the end

Step 1: Do You Need A Repair?

The following steps correct over 50% of the service requests made. To save yourself time and effort please follow the steps below to see if this corrects your situation


Check The Power Outlet


Power From A Different Room


Check The Outlet First


If The Instrument Works Then There Is No Need To Repair

Step 2: See An Explainer Video

The Video Below Shows How To Check The Outlet Very Clearly

Step 3: Check The Fan

The Fan Is A Replaceable Item And There Is One In Your Original Box. Here Are Some Steps To Check If You Need To Replace The Fan.


Listen To The Instrument 


Check The Temperature Strip


If You Have A Faulty Fan You Can Switch It Out


If You Have Lost The Fan One Can Be Purchased

Step 4: Watch The Video To Troubleshoot Fan Issues

Step 5: If The Fan Is Faulty Watch This Video

The Fan Is A User Replacable Part Which Is Easy To Change. Just Watch The Video Below To See How YTo Do This.

Not A Fan Problem? Skip The Video

Step 6: Problem Not Fixed

If You Have Tried All Of The Above Steps We Need To Get You Up And Running As Soon As Possible. Just Click Which Area Of The World You Are In Below.

I’ve done this and still need a service