Arthrostim Service Contiguous USA Based

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Because You Qualified For A “Loyalty Appreciation Discount” That Covers $200 Of The Labor Cost. You Pay Only $70 Residual (+Shipping)

When damage is extraordinary we will contact you before installing parts for your authority.

If your Arthrostim is less than 4 year’s old then your instrument is under warranty then please click here

  • Same day fix (90%) of the time your instrument is on it’s way back to you the day it is received
  • The only repairer with manufacturers parts
  • Repaired by the same people who made the instrument
  • Upgraded, tested and calibrated
  • Tracking all the way through the process

Shipping is charged at the actual rates but for both directions. To Impac from yourselves (label produced at checkout) and the return shipping at the same speed.

Time Scales:

  ** extra fee may be required. Covers labor only. Exceptional damage fees apply

Order a Backup Arthrostim After Checkout And

  • Never be without your Arthrostim again!
  • Have a backup Arthrostim to expand your office.
  • Stream the free "3 room system' course to see how multiple instruments can make you more
  • Add the features and options you want
  • Same 90 day money back guarantee
  • Same Industry leading 4 year warranty
  • Next Day Air shipping include


Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 4 in