Want A Backup? Next Business Day?*

Thank you for sending your instrument in for repair. We have your information and will get to work on your instrument as soon as it arrives.

Sometimes it’s better to have a backup instrument. That way your patients always have access to what they prefer, you aren’t without your instrument during servicing, your associates can treat like you when the serviced instrument returns and if you ever grow your clinic you’ll have the correct tools on hand.

That’s why we are giving you the code


Enter the code “BACKUP” when purchasing a backup instrument and we will convert any repair you have to ground shipping and give you FREE next day delivery on a new instrument purchased through the following links.


We are getting to work!


So what happens next?

Check your email (and your spam folder) for an email with a shipping label for you to attach to your instrument. It also tells you the next steps to get your instrument back in action fast.

As a practitioner I also know thats not fast enough! Before I worked with IMPAC Inc I quickly realized that I needed a backup instrument for the clinic. The clinic ran 9 rooms and needed an Arthrostim in each one for my patients, my flow and also for time purposes. Therefore I recommend always having a backup instrument for your clinic.

Check above if that seems something you’d like to do.


Dr Paul Lindsey DC

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